Just Like A Mama

Appearance Date: Virtual/TBD

This sweet read-aloud on the surface, is about the happy home a caregiver creates for a young child. Mama Rose teaches Carol Olivia how to ride a bike, clean her room, and tell time. A deeper look reveals the patience and care, little ones receive in the arms of a mother, whose blood is not her blood. But their bond is so deep and so unconditional—that it creates the perfect conditions for a child to feel safe, successful, and deeply loved.

Meet the Author

alice faye duncan
Alice Faye Duncan

Alice Faye Duncan is a National Board educator. She writes picture books to help children remember important moments from American history. Her lyrical texts include A Song for Gwendolyn Brooks; Just Like a Mama; Honey Baby Sugar Child; and Memphis, Martin, and the Mountaintop, which received a Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor. Alice lives in Memphis,Tennessee, where at a young age, her mother nurtured her love for writing with reams of paper, packs of pens, and poetry books. Visit

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