Along a Storied Trail

Appearance Date: 11/6/2021

In Along a Storied Trail, set during the Great Depression, readers will traverse the rough trails of Eastern Kentucky with packhorse librarian, Tansy Calhoun. This heartwarming story highlights the love of family, the love of place, and especially the love of a lifetime. Tansy Calhoun is grateful for her new job as a packhorse librarian especially during a time when jobs are hard to come by. But her heart still yearns for her own love story similar to the ones she finds in her books. No matter what, she definitely doesn’t want to end up like Perdita Sweet—contrary and alone. When a charming writer comes to the mountains as part of the WPA Writers Project, Tansy is sure he will be the answer to her dreams. But Perdita feels there is a much better match for Tansy. But why should Tansy listen to the romantic advice of an old spinster? Along a Storied Trail’s breathtaking landscapes, colorful cast of characters, and tender romance are a winning combination that will please historical romance fans.

Meet the Author

ann gabhart
Ann H. Gabhart

Ann H. Gabhart has been called a storyteller, and she’s lived up to the title with thirty-five books published and more stories on the way. Ann likes wrapping her stories around interesting historical times and events in her home state of Kentucky. Her Shaker books, The Refuge, The Outsider, and others are popular with readers. She’s headed to the Appalachian Mountains for These Healing Hills, An Appalachian Summer, and now Along a Storied Trail. She’s mined her family history for Angel Sister and Scent of Lilacs, found a feel-good story, River to Redemption, set during the 1833 cholera epidemic in Springfield, Kentucky, and more. Even her cozy mysteries under the author name A.H. Gabhart take place in the fictional small town of Hidden Springs, Kentucky. Ann keeps her keyboard warm out on her farm where she likes walking with her dogs or discovering the wonders of nature with her nine grandchildren. To find out more about Ann and her books visit