Southern Sugar

Appearance Date: 11/6/2021

You don’t have to be from the South to embrace the food—especially the sweets. These decadent, sweet delights are filled with lots of sugar, butter, nuts, and fruit, or dripping with chocolate, caramel, whipped cream, and bourbon. With 100 tempting recipes, Southern Sugar will transport you back to your “Southern” roots with beloved favorites and fresh takes on Southern classics, ranging from afternoon Tea Cakes and Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies to “can’t push back from the table” Coconut Sweet Potato Pie and Mississippi Mud Cake. There’s also a bonus chapter with sweet drinks and cocktails.

Meet the Author

Smith-Sullivan (2)
Belinda Smith-Sullivan

Belinda Smith-Sullivan is a chef, author, food writer, spice blends entrepreneur, and a commercially rated pilot. She graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a degree in Culinary Arts. She has lived in France, Kenya, and South Africa and has traveled extensively throughout the world experiencing the foods and flavors of multiple cultures.
Belinda started experimenting with spice blends when she was a personal chef, creating “short-cuts” for herself, based on flavor profiling. Soon clients, neighbors, and friends started asking where they could buy them. When told they could not, because the blends were her private creations, they demanded them even more. Giving in to their pressures, a business was born!

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