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The Watercolors of Harlan Hubbard

Appearance Date: 11/6/2021

Harlan Hubbard (1900-1988), Kentucky writer, environmentalist and artist, spent many years trying to rediscover and revive the vanishing language of landscape in his watercolor paintings. Known for their sense of drifting movement and their depiction of the simple way of life for which Hubbard was known, they inexplicably remain his least-studied artworks, despite being some of the best evidence of Hubbard’s place in the history of landscape painting. 

The Watercolors of Harlan Hubbard not only argues Hubbard’s place in the art historical canon, but also highlight and analyze the artist’s own voice. In this unique collection, more than 200 watercolors are interspersed with anecdotes to present a personal meditation on the influence that Hubbard’s work has had on the lives of those who knew him.

Meet the Author

Bill & Flo Caddell

Bill Caddell has championed his hero, Harlan Hubbard, for more than fifty years. He has shared and exhibited Hubbard’s art nationwide. He edited and compiled The Woodcuts of Harlan Hubbard and founded the Anna and Harlan Hubbard School of Living at the Frankfort Community Public Library in Frankfort, Indiana. He is an avid gardener and crusader for the environment, aspiring to live in the spirit of Harlan’s self-sufficiency. He often quotes Hubbard’s credo, “What we need is at hand.” Flo met the Hubbards as a student at Hanover College. She greatly admired Harlan’s art and elemental lifestyle. She received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to catalog over 400 Hubbard paintings. Flo read Harlan’s unedited journals and selected quotes for the “Woodcuts of Harlan Hubbard.” She believes in Harlan’s philosophy of making life a work of art.

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