Little Miss Grubby Toes Eats Too Much Candy!

Appearance Date: 11/6/2021

It’s Halloween night! After trick-or-treating, Little Miss Grubby Toes sneaks into the kitchen for some candy—even though her parents warn her not to. She eats it all! Uh-oh!  Little Miss Grubby Toes is about to make waves again—but this time in the toilet bowl!

Meet the Author

Eddie Price
Eddie Price

Eddie Price is a retired history teacher who now writes award-winning books. Widder’s Landing, a historical novel set in Kentucky in 1811-1815, has won gold medals for “Best Historical Fiction” at the Readers’ Favorite Awards and the National Literary Habitat Awards, and was honored by the US Daughters of 1812 with the “Spirit of 1812 Award.” One Drop — A Slave! (2018) has also garnered critical acclaim, winning the 2018 Gold Medal for Best Historical Fiction at the Florida Authors & Publishers Awards. His children’s books in the Little Miss Grubby Toes series are illustrated by Mark Wayne Adams. Eddie has won Gold Medals at the Readers’ Favorite Awards, the Florida Authors & Publishers Association Awards, and Mom’s Choice Awards. A Chautauqua performer and Speakers Bureau presenter for Kentucky Humanities, Eddie is a world traveler who enjoys bicycling, horseback riding, and swimming. He and his wife Mary now live in Hancock County, Kentucky. He has two daughters: Sheena and Breanne.