Black Heart

Appearance Date: 11/6/2021

A ruthless young man’s obsession with a gladiator-style deathmatch lands him in the middle of a secret government conspiracy. When he’s forced to form an alliance with his biggest enemy in order to protect his soulmate, he must choose between the love of his life and his love of the game.

Meet the Author

Julian Thomas
Julian Thomas

Julian Thomas is a teacher, author, & creative director from Lexington, KY. A life-long writer, Thomas got his professional start printing and passing out packets of poems he authored to his fellow middle school students. He later attended the Lexington School for Creative and Performing arts with an emphasis on Creative Writing. Poetry soon transformed into Rap, leading Thomas to establish a foundation for his art through his decade-long career as a recording artist. Inspired by the effect he saw his words have on people as he toured the country under the stage name “J Cannon,” Thomas decided rap music was no longer the best vessel for the positive impact he hoped to have on the world. In 2016, he had the idea to create a graphic novel. 4 years later, the first issue of the graphic novel series Black Heart has the hit shelves. Thomas is still actively working on the project, as well a new Science-Fiction novel.

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