Bad Sex in Kentucky

Appearance Date: 11/6/2021

Growing up gay and Catholic in the state of Kentucky in the mid-twentieth century, author Kevin Lane Dearinger was puzzled by what he heard about sex: the sneers, lies, misrepresentations, distortions, guilt, and secrecy. Some of his experiences were traumatic, but most just contributed to a life-saving sense of the absurd. The natural was made unnatural by gossip and judgment, fear and cruelty, and sex was “bad” in Kentucky, but language, humor, and time have provided protection and perspective. Bad Sex in Kentucky is about seeking grace under pressure, even at the risk of a pratfall. It is about place, family, and heritage. It is about survival at a price and a kind of ferocious forgiveness. It is about the search for the tangled intersection of sex and love.

Meet the Author

kevin lane dearinger
Kevin Lane Dearinger

A Broadway performer and teacher, Kevin Lane Dearinger retired to his native Kentucky after nearly five decades as a busy New Yorker. His previous publications include The Bard in the Bluegrass (McFarland, 2006), Marie Prescott: a Star of Some Brilliance (Fairleigh-Dickinson, 2009), Clyde Fitch and the American Theatre: the Olive in the Cocktail (Fairleigh-Dickinson, 2016), and a memoir Bad Sex in Kentucky (Rabbit House Press, 2019). A second memoir, On Stage with Bette Davis; In a Musical, will be published by McFarland later this year. Kevin has contributed introductory essays to several publications, and his poetry has appeared in an assortment of journals. He has written several plays, including Regarding Mrs. Carter, Naked on Request, and Expiation, as well as a co-authored Limestone 1833, a radio play.