Silas LaMontaie

Appearance Date: 11/6/2021

Why did the LaMontaies run? Young Silas’ world is transformed when his father is implicated in the arson of the sugar mill in their south Louisiana town. If he didn’t do it, why run? What is it they are hiding from when they leave their Cajun home, first upstate, then, when the past catches up to them, to the river bottoms of Kentucky? Wherever they go, they take their heritage and values with them, as well as their secrets. Silas LaMontaie learns his life lessons well as he pursues his muse, the beautiful and enigmatic Jessie May, and later learns to be a musician. Silas LaMontaie is a literary novel of intrigue, wit, and family wisdom full of the colors, sights, and sounds of the south. Ultimately, it is a story of determining one’s values and remaining true to those.

Meet the Author

Lawrence Weill
Lawrence Weill

Lawrence Weill is a Kentucky author and artist whose books include Silas LaMontaie, The Path of Rainwater, Out in Front, Incarnate, and I’m in the Room. His fiction, poetry and nonfiction have appeared in a wide range of local, regional, and national journals. He also is a visual artist and an avid outdoorsman. He taught philosophy and writing classes at the college level for many years. Now, he writes full time. He consistently receives top reviews for his books. He holds degrees in mathematics, humanities, a