And Luckier

In her new collection And Luckier, poet Leatha Kendrick offers us an unflinching and holistic look at our world. Her poems are full of humanity, honestly set in that place where it is “impossible to separate / misery and joy—the living edge of mystery.” Kendrick’s work is complex and masterfully figurative, always allowing for two things to be said at once, two things to be true at once. —Kathleen Driskell

Meet the Author

Leatha Kendrick

Recipient of two Al Smith Fellowships and the Sallie Bingham Award, Leatha Kendrick’s fifth collection of poems is And Luckier (Accents Publishing, 2020). Her poems appear widely, including in Tar River Poetry, Appalachian Heritage, New Madrid Review, The Southern Poetry Anthology, and What Comes Down to Us – 25 Contemporary Kentucky Poets.

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