Tony’s Tiny Arms

Appearance Date: 11/6/2021

Tony’s Tiny Arms is the story of a T-Rex named Tony. His arms are tiny, and he wants to know why! With the help of his friends—Sam and Sue—Tony sets off on a journey to learn from his dinosaur pals why his arms are so tiny. Along the way, Tony learns a very valuable lesson: everyone is special in their own way; and even though he never knew it, his tiny arms are what makes him so special!

Meet the Author

Santiago Santa Cruz

Santiago Santa Cruz was born and raised in Louisville, KY. After college, he moved to Manila, the Philippines where he worked for an online parenting publication. Alongside working as an English tutor for an international school, Santiago used his writing and work experiences to do what he loves most: create stories that bring families closer together through charming tales and timeless messages. He currently resides in his hometown of Louisville with his lovely wife, Joanne, and a beautiful baby daughter named Penelope.

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