Me vs. The Multiverse: Pleased to Meet Me

When Meade Macon goes to a convention for his doubles from parallel Earths, he just can’t compete—his counterparts are smarter, cooler and better all around. But he’s the only one of them willing to stand up to their evil-genius duplicate and his dangerous plans. To stop him, he’ll have to team up with the other losers of Me Con…and learn to like himselves.

Meet the Author

S.G. Wilson

S.G. Wilson is the author of the middle-grade series, Me vs. The Multiverse. The first in the series, Pleased to Meet Me, came out in August. Though he lives in Austin, TX, S.G. is proud to be a native Kentuckian – born in Paducah and raised in Elizabethtown, where he returns every year to watch the town’s annual historical reenactment of the time a bartender whacked temperance leader Carrie Nation upside the head with a chair.