Mystery With a Splash of Bourbon

Appearance Date: 11/6/2021

Ranging from historical adventure to gritty realism, the crime stories included in this anthology are all fermented in the history and culture of Kentucky bourbon and distilled through the imaginations of our authors. Interwoven with the stories are articles covering the history of bourbon, including Prohibition, moonshining, medicinal alcohol, and profiles of major distilleries. 

The authors include mostly current and former Kentucky residents; some have penned best sellers, and for some, this is their first publication. The collection’s editors, Susan Bell and Elaine Munsch, serve respectively as secretary and program chair of the Louisville chapter of Sisters in Crime. Authors contributing short stories: Susan Bell, Barb Blackburn, Karen Block, Mike Bradford, Din Dulworth, Sarah Glenn, Shirley Jump, Gwen Mayo, Elaine Munsch, Lorena Peter, Heidi Walker, Debby Schenk, Tamera Shaw, Sheila Shumate, Milton Toby, and Jo Tucker. Contributing non-fiction articles: Deborah Alvord, Edmund August, M. E. Gaskins, Debi Huff, Sandra Leonard, and Cheryl Stuck.

Meet the Author

susan bell
Susan Bell

Susan Bell was born in coastal California, then proceeded to travel the country in her role as daughter of a Naval officer. She learned to walk in the Mojave Desert, to swim in Virginia Beach, and to read in Washington State. She fell in love with Dr. Seuss and hasn’t stopped reading since. She combined her love of reading, writing and arithmetic and became a technical writer, working in the defense, aviation, and telecommunications industries. With deep roots in the Bluegrass State, she now calls Louisville home. Susan is a co-editor of the crime story anthology Mystery With a Splash of Bourbon. In addition, she contributed the short story Summer’s End and two non-fiction articles to the anthology.