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We really appreciate your support of the Kentucky Book Festival and hope you enjoy your book bundles! Your first Kentucky Book Festival Book Bundle will be shipped in February to the address you provided, and you should receive a receipt from Stripe (our payment gateway). Additional book bundles will be shipped to subscribers in April, June, and August. We will send you a confirmation message before each ships.

If you purchased this subscription as a gift, click the “free printable” button below to download a graphic you can print to place under the Christmas tree or share with the recipient via email. 

If you have questions, review the FAQs below, call (859) 257-4317, or click the button to visit our contact page.


Sneak previews of specialty items included in the book bundles will be released to subscribers and on social media, but we do want to keep some surprises a secret! Some frequently asked questions regarding shipping and the like are included below.