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Into the Wilderness

Appearance Date: 10/29/2022

Dave Wertz is undergoing a middle-aged crisis. On the back side of fifty with no job and an unhappy marriage, he pulls a Kerouac and goes on-the-road, and back to his hometown of Frankfort, Kentucky. Dave hopes familiar surroundings and a childhood friend can help him find a sense of safety and belonging. Instead, he stumbles into a state government corruption scandal, meets a cast of strange characters who haunt the streets of Frankfort, and stumbles across Jennifer, a lost, teenager girl who needs help, but won’t listen to him. Dave’s old friend is not the man he remembered and his hometown has changed. Danger seems to lurk down every alley and every step he takes seems to lead him deeper into darkness. To find himself and help Jennifer, Dave will have to call on all his skills, and some strange, new friends

Meet the Author

Chris Helvey
Chris Helvey

Chris Helvey is an award-winning short-story writer and the author of the novels Yard Man, Dancing on the Rim, Violets for Sergeant Schiller, The White Jamaican and Into the Wilderness (Wings ePress), One More Round (short story collection-Trajectory Press), Snapshot (novel-Livingston Press), Whose Name I Did Not Know (novel-Hopewell Publications), and Claw Hammer (short story collection — Hopewell Publications). Helvey currently serves as Editor in Chief of Trajectory Journal.