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Stolen Roses

Appearance Date: 10/29/2022

There could be no doubt. She read it multiple times. The note had said it all and yet, it said nothing. Never did she think that her heart could feel pain such as this. Plans had been made. He was her rock. He had been there since she was five. Growing up and sharing dreams, hopes, and goals had become their special time together. She fell to the barn floor in tears. What would she do? What would be the next step? The tears kept flowing. How could he? She would never forgive him. Her heart had been torn into a million pieces. She stood up. Wiped the tears from her face. Crumpled the note and what he had placed inside. She stuffed both inside her back jeans pocket. This is where it belonged. From this moment forward, her love would remain hidden.

Evergreen left the barn. No second guessing. No turning back. In order for her to achieve her dream, he knew what needed to be done. He had taken his time while writing the note. He knew of her dreams to travel and become a country music artist. He put the blame on him. He had been accepted to college to pursue his medical degree. There was no easy way to say it. One of them had to make a move. It would be best if it were him. He did not want her to know his true feelings for her. That would hold them each back and he never wanted her to think of those infamous words “what if?” He did not want to be her “what if?” He placed the handwritten note and the special gift underneath the hay bale. He knew this would be the spot she would stop. He paused and looked around. The moments and the memories made would never be erased. Landon left the barn. No second guessing. No turning back. The rose, the journey, the song – Stolen Roses.

Meet the Author

de de Cox
de de Cox

de de began pursuing her dream of becoming a romance author at the age of 30. Born and raised on the farm in Rooster Run, Kentucky, de de was raised on the core values of the 3Cs (kindness, caring, and compassion). Throughout her young adulthood, de de volunteered in the community with her family, and specifically, her grandmother, Bea. Growing up in the country, romance novels were her escape to another world. de de knew that one day, her dream of writing a romance novel would come true. Fast forward to 2018, when de de picked the book back up that she had begun in her early 30s. As in life, circumstances and direction change the course, BUT never the ending goal. Learning the industry and working with her publisher, Beyond Global Publishing, God opened many doors and many connections, and de de has never looked back.