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Time to Fly

Mama Bird says it’s time to fly! Baby Bird thinks not. Nest is best…or is it? With the help of his mama, Baby Bird discovers the amazing things that can happen if he finds the courage to spread his wings and fly.

Meet the Author

George Ella Lyon
George Ella Lyon

George Ella Lyon is a poet, writer, teacher, musician, and social activist with Appalachian roots and a global reach. She has published five poetry collections, a novel and memoir for adults, novels and poetry for young people, and many children’s picture books. Her most recent titles include BACK TO THE LIGHT: POEMS (Univ. Press of Ky 2021) and VOICES OF JUSTICE, illustrated by Jennifer M. Potter (Holt Books for Young Readers, 2020 ). Married to musician & writer Steve Lyon, she served as Kentucky Poet Laureate (2015-2016) and was recently inducted into the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame.