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God, Grace, and Horses: Life Lessons from the Saddle

Appearance Date: 10/29/2022

Laurie Brock, Episcopal priest, messy Christian, and horse lover, shares the experiences of love, grief, humility, joy, and deep wisdom that she discovers day to day with horses. From barely-there trails in the Grand Tetons to muddy fields in the Kentucky Bluegrass, God is revealed in the simple ways of these magnificent creatures. For anyone feeling doubtful, distracted, or anxious in these challenging times, Laurie brings us back to center, reminding us to breathe, get back on the saddle, and move beyond the familiar into the freedom of something new.

Meet the Author

Laurie Brock
Laurie Brock

Laurie Brock is an Episcopal priest and attorney with roots in Alabama and Mississippi. Upon moving to Kentucky over a decade ago, she realized she needed a hobby. A call to a riding lesson barn later, she found a passion and life in horses. Horses teach her about God and provide endless opportunities for laughter and learning. Laurie also serves as a crisis chaplain, retreat leader, and speaker.