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Patricia L. Hudson to Participate in the Kentucky Book Festival with “Traces: A Novel”

Patricia L. Hudson to Participate in the Kentucky Book Festival with “Traces: A Novel”

August 17, 2023





What will Kentucky Book Festival visitors find on your table?

My novel, Traces, is a retelling of the Daniel Boone saga through the eyes of his wife, Rebecca, and their  two oldest daughters, Susannah and Jemima. Boone biographer, Robert Morgan wrote that Traces, “rescues Rebecca Boone and her daughters from the shadow of the celebrated Daniel. This vivid narrative brings the Boone women delightfully alive.”



Whom do you invite to stop by? Who will benefit from reading your book?

Traces should appeal to people interested in Kentucky history, life in the backcountry during the Revolutionary War era, and women’s history, particularly those who yearn to know “Herstory” which is all-to-often a neglected part of “History.”


Could you please tell us something curious about you and/or your book?

My parents took me to Colonial Williamsburg when I was eight. I was mesmerized by the film at the visitor’s center, but even at that young age, I realized the women and girls were relegated to waving goodbye to the men and boys as they marched off to do great things. I think, in many respects, the seeds for Traces were planted then.


Is this your first time participating in Kentucky Book Festival? If yes – what are you looking forward to the most? If you’ve participated before – what was your favorite experience at the Festival?

This is my first time at the KY Book Festival, and Traces is my first novel. My previous books have all been non-fiction, so I’ve been especially touched by the deep connection readers tell me they’ve felt with Rebecca and her girls. Since this is, in large part, a Kentucky story, I’m especially looking forward to talking with Kentuckians. I want to reassure them that I did years of research, and did my very best to tell as truthful a story as I could.



Patricia L. Hudson is a freelance writer and former contributing editor for Americana magazine. Traces is a retelling of Boone’s saga through the eyes of his wife, Rebecca, and her two oldest daughters, Susannah and Jemima..

Thank you!

Thanks so much to all who attended this year’s festival! Please provide feedback about your experience by submitting a survey. 

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