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Those Are Not My Underpants!

Appearance Date: 10/29/2022

Author Melissa Martin’s new picture book is making children giggle. Why? Because kids love to laugh about underpants stories. “Those Are Not My Underpants!” One morning, Bear Cub wakes up and finds underwear hanging on a tree limb. Who could they belong to? Ever inquisitive, he sets out on a quest through the forest to find the rightful owner of the underpants. Could the underpants belong to Squirrel? Moose? Snake, maybe? Salmon? Each animal denies that the bloomers belong to them, but readers will surely be giggling every step on the way…especially when they find out who the underpants actually belong to.

About the Author

Melissa Martin, Ph.D., is a licensed professional clinical counselor, child therapist/play therapist, educator, author. Her traditional published picture books: “Those Are Not My Underpants!” Penguin Random House (2021). “Tessie Tames Her Tongue.” Free Spirit Publishing (2017). She lives in Ohio. Funny picture books help families bond with laughter. Laughing helps mental health. Kids love underpants stories! As an advocate of early literacy and mental health, Martin authored a fun picture book for younger children. “Those Are Not My Underpants!” Published by Random House Books for Young Readers. Support early literacy! Available at public libraries and school libraries.

Melissa Martin