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A Spot of New

New experiences can be scary, but colorful surprises await those brave enough to try. Take the first step, dive on in, and learn to fly. Discover how curiosity and kindness can send you soaring to new heights. Don’t be afraid. A fun-filled adventure lies ahead, and the journey begins with you!

Meet the Author

P. Anastasia
P. Anastasia

Kentucky author and voice talent P. Anastasia has written two children’s books and nine young adult novels, including Morning Puppa, Exile of the Sky God, the Fluorescence series, Fates Aflame, and Dark Diary.
Anastasia’s unique take on storytelling springs to life with whimsy, charm, and a little bit of magic. Inspired by horses since childhood, she hopes A Spot of New encourages the young and young-at-heart to chase their dreams.