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The Great Toy Disaster

Appearance Date: 10/29/2022

A boy and his teddy have enjoyed a wild day of play, but now the mess has gotten a bit out of hand. Together they must work to undo the Great Toy Disaster by making it a game. They race to straighten the room together, first by picking up all the blue items, and then the things you wear, and continuing step-by-step until the room is put to rights. Finally, it’s time to say goodnight and get rested for another day of play tomorrow. A nightly read to make straightening up at the end of the day fun! This book is a fun read for building the daily habit of cleaning up using a manageable step-by-step process. The story is written in rhyme to make the steps fun and memorable for children.

  • Ideal for children ages 2 to 8 years old
  • Uses concepts such as counting, letter recognition, and categorization to engage children
  • Clean along with the book or look-and-find in the pages as the room is cleaned

Meet the Author

Sarah Winter
Sarah Winter

Sarah Winter was born in Sissonville, West Virginia and currently makes her home in Maysville, KY where she resides with her husband, three children, and her pet Yorkie, Miss Elizabeth Bennet. She’s a software developer, as well as a Girl Scout Troop leader, basketball coach, and aspiring flower farmer.